Walking the Laugavegurinn, August 2009

The Laugavegurinn is a 55km walk from Landmannalaugur to Thorsmork, taking a southerly course through the glorious southern highlands of Iceland. It is a stunning route through one of my favourite landscapes and, since Iceland is the size of England but with the population of Croydon, you very quickly get into something very much like wilderness.

I actually completed the route in 2009, with a group organised by Utivist, but since then I’ve been busy (!) and I have only just got around to posting the photos on Flickr. To accompany them, I have posted the relevant entries from my journal here:

Day One: Reykjavik to Hrafntinnusker

Day Two: Hrafntinnusker to Hvanngil

Day Three: Hvanngil to Botnar

Day Four: Botnar to Basar (Thorsmork)

Day Five: Basar and around

Day Six: Basar to Reykjavik

Day Seven: Reykjavik to London

You can read about two other Icelandic walks by following the links for Fimmvörðuháls and for Hornstrandir.

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9 Responses to Walking the Laugavegurinn, August 2009

  1. Kim says:

    Ive been searching DIR an informative day by day trail description and your blog is just what I needed! I’ll be hiking this next summer and your details have given me some ideas for fun evening activities and reminded me not to forget some important items – such as a bit of liquid relaxation! Thanks do much for sharing your story!

    • adeharvey says:

      Glad it was of use, Kim. I’m going back to Iceland in a few weeks to ‘finish’ the route from Basar to Skogar on the coast. I’ll post some thoughts and photos on that soon, along with some notes on the West Fjord, the second half of my trip. I hope you have a fabulous time on the Laugavegurinn – it’s a fantastic walk!

  2. aleksy says:

    Thanks for a very informative and funny guide! I will probably be heading to Iceland next month to hike the Laugavegurinn. Did you manage to complete the trip to Skogar eventually?

    • adeharvey says:

      Hey, I’ve just got back from Iceland, driving around the West Fjords and walking over Fimmvorduhals (Skogar to Basar) – I’ll be posting notes on that soon (sorting photos at the moment). The walk was fantastic – the ascent was hard work, but the route (beside 20-odd waterfalls) was stunning. Enjoy your trip! (and, a word to the wise:if you have the chance to send stuff on to Basar – buses will do this if you ask – make sure to include some beer! You’ll fancy it when you arrive…)

      • aleksy says:

        Nice one! And very valuable advice about the beer, too.
        I may start the hike in Skogar and go all the way up to Landmannalaugur. I am also considering Reykjavegur if I have some time left after the Laugavegurinn.
        BTW, do you know of any cheap way to fly from London to Iceland?

  3. adeharvey says:

    Cheap? Not so much. I flew with Icelandair (about £340) because the times were better and they don’t have the extortionate bag-checking charges that Iceland Express and WOW Air have (I think Iceland Express charge £40 per bag checked EACH WAY!). Both have cheaper ticket prices, as do EasyJet who also fly to Reykjavik, but the additions really add up and they’re not apparent until you’ve gone through the whole booking process. Hope you find something reasonable.

  4. Jimm says:

    This is really great. Do you think it’s possible to do the trek in mid May?

    • adeharvey says:

      Hi Jimm
      I think the weather might be a bit challenging at that time of year – still lots of snow around, and the chance of really bad conditions (when it goes off in July and August it’s bad enough). If you’re experienced and well-prepared, it’s probably doable, but I would check with Utivist (link in the post above) to see what they think (they really know the country and are a walking association rather than a tour company). Good luck – it is a great walk.

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