Hornstrandir – Return to the Edge of the World

Looking over Hlöðuvík to AlfsfellPeople abandoned Hornstrandir in the 1950s, on account of the lack of work and the appalling winters: once the herring swam off to other places, the ferocious darkness lost whatever charm it might once have had. But in summer, Hornstrandir is rich in charms, not least its remoteness and seclusion. Made a nature reserve in the 1970s – the only mammals permanently in residence are the protected Arctic Foxes – it is a beautiful place, popular with Icelanders and walkers in the brief summer (mid-June to mid-August). I visited for a day walk in 2012 and determined to return. In June 2015, with a group of five friends, I made it.

My journal and some pictures are here:
1 Hesteyri to Hlöðuvík
2 Hlöðuvík to Hornvik
3 Hornvik to Veiðileysufjörður
4 Veiðileysufjörður to Isafjordur

A fuller set of photos will be on my Flickr page here, just as soon as I get around to sorting them!

I’ve written about other walks in Iceland, including the Laugavegurinn and the Fimmvörðuháls pass.

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